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Hey Dads.

Listen, we’re under a lot of stress these days. We’re juggling work/life balance like never before, we’re assuming ever more caregiving duties, and we have the additional burden of increased workload to just barely make enough to cover rising costs.

It's time to change the way dads live and earn.

I’m Tom Latham – A Father of 10, an Uncle of 53, and a clumsy husband.

I’ve worked as a creative and startup consultant to authors, speakers, coaches, and some of the biggest names in the personal development, health and fitness industries. I’m a restaurant owner, a high school coach, speaker, author, marathon runner, musician and a National Ski Patrol volunteer. I’ve been blessed to have my work featured on ESPN, The Today Show, Top Chef, The Wall Street Journal, The Sharper Image and more.

I’ll show you how to build a successful business from home, uncover more free time, make more than you ever could at a day job, and still be a rock star Dad.

We’re changing the way Dads live and earn.

$295 $0.00


One executive in our program was working 60-70 hours per week and making roughly $55,000 per year. After he began simplifying and balancing his life, over a period of 5 years, his income went up to over $300,000 per year, while his work week dropped to 38 hours. And you can do the same.

Here’s what you’ll learn (free) in The Dad Formula:

The Dad Formula

Module #1: Build

Build the Inner Foundation

  • The DAD4 – the daily and weekly structure I use to get things done, eliminate chaos, and have a clear path to my goals.
  • Free up an extra hour every day, you never knew you had
  • Stay at Home Dad Strategies
  • How to take more time off work and look good doing it
  • The fix to being worn out physically, but wanting more emotionally or mentally
  • Learn the two things every change needs
  • The “Comfort Zone Thunderstorm”
  • How to build your Inner World to make your Outer World a success
  • Kick your Work Life Balance into Gear
  • The key to be effective in life, to be happy, to be unstressed
  • Three ways to “Unearth” more Time
  • The signs of disorganization
  • Finally make Habits stick for good and build them into your lifestyle
  • The one single thing the most successful people do
  • Squash the “Tyranny of the Urgent”
  • Prioritize like a rockstar Dad
  • The best way to say NO
  • The Unmanaged Time Suck
  • How to rise to the level of your goals so you don’t fall to the level of your systems
  • Make Meaning, not just Make Money
  • Kick the Bucket List
  • The 4 Frameworks of every Habit
  • The best way to turn bad busyness into good hustle
  • How to manage short-term Busy Surges
  • How to “Hustle with Meaning”
  • The steps to become Focused, not Driven
  • Realize your “non-productive” moments
The Dad Formula

Module #2: Balance

Maintain a Work Life Balance

  • The “Dad Hack”
  • 10x Conversion Formulas: The systems we use to achieve work/life balance with 10 kids
  • Create 85% of your life success at home
  • The almost-perfect Work/Life Balance
  • The Big Balance Worksheet
  • Work boundaries strategies for Dads
  • How to compete with childless co-workers
  • Why Dads earn less, and how to change it
  • Remove (most) of the chaos
  • The danger of imbalance
  • The “Triple Stasis Trick”
  • Work from Home Balance Strategies for Dads
  • How to temporarily slip out of balance to gain more
  • Balance all Life Roles at once
  • Why people FAIL at prioritizing
  • Balancing different parenting styles
  • When to put one child before the family
  • Identifying immediate frustrations vs larger life frustrations
  • How to not be Mom
  • Work Smarter Not Harder
  • Balance for Stay at Home Dads – the worlds best job
  • Use the “Coming Home Ritual” to your advantage
  • The Balance Sabotage
  • Time Management at Home for Dads
  • Real multitasking with family that works!
  • Reduce the fragmentation in your life
  • A Sense of Urgency – speed when you need it
  • More systems, lower expectations
  • Control the Chaos
  • BONUS: Big Family Tips