It starts today.

One of the reasons I wrote this specifically for stay-at-home Dads, work-from-home Dads, and working Dads – as a fellow working dad – is that guys are not particularly good at asking for directions. Especially when it comes to work and family, I think a lot of us guys might not be comfortable talking about this or complaining about our situation, because we see that our spouses are struggling with this too, and hey – what right do we have to complain about it, right?

Even though 90% of this course would apply to Moms as well, the way this course was created was very intentional so that it’s much more accessible for guys. That’s another thing I’m trying to add to the conversation is that, Dads – we need to advocate for ourselves because so much depends on us. For families with involved fathers, the research is unbelievably clear that kids thrive, that their spouses thrive, and that Dads are happier and live longer if they’re more involved with their kids. It has so many positive ripple effects if Dads are supported in the two most important roles in their lives, their role in the family and their role in their career.


So lets stop the old way of thinking and join the other Dads you see that actually have time for their family. It’s time to stop the negative bleeding. It’s time to fill yourself up with energy and positivity. If you don’t have it, you can’t share it. Get the inside right and a happy home life and successful work life will be yours for the keeping.

Laugh loud and laugh often and your kids will too. That belly laugh of yours will be one of your kids’ best memories. A family comes with a lot of work, a lot of love, and even more joy. No one knows better than Dad what each person needs. Take it one day at a time. God bless. Lets start.


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