Start here to learn about the “Dual Success Track” so you can master work/life balance at the same time that you’re building your successful online business.

When you bought The Dad Formula, you also received The Dad Hustle free. Here’s a recap:

  1. The Dad Formula teaches you how to find free time you never knew you had so you can spend it with family, and it gives you the plan to achieve a near-perfect work/life balance.
  2. The Dad Hustle shows you exactly how to launch a home-based online business, giving you a complete blueprint plan every step of the way.

I want you to run these two tracks at the same time.

That way you’re not waiting around to get in to the juicy “how to” details of The Dad Hustle, that lets you start earning real money, while you’re busy doing The Dad Formula mindset work.

They happen at the same time: Mindset and money.

You’re diving right in to the launch of your online business, and at the same time, you’re experiencing a life-changing system so that you’re prioritizing everything correctly and living life to the fullest as the most amazing Dad in the world.

Yes, you can go a little off track…

So some days, you might feel like doing more of the Dad Formula (mindset), and other days, you might feel like doing more of the Dad Hustle (money). That’s fine, but try to keep both tracks going pretty closely together. Got it?

You can also click the “Dad Formula” or “Dad Hustle” menu at the top to get to any part of the program at any time.