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Thomas Latham Coeur d'Alene Idaho DadFormula Fatherhood Coach
  • The Dad Hustle

    Build Your Growth Mindset [DadHustle Thursday class]

    Growth really starts with a mindset. People get excited because they start up a membership, they have members and – yeah, it's exciting. You're a success, you're making money, now you can really make it grow. But the things you did the whole way to get to this point might actually hurt you with regards to scaling.

  • The Dad Formula

    Driven Dads vs Focused Dads

    Some guys have the inner world figured out and some don’t. The ones who’s inner world is ready to collapse but on the outside they seem to hustle and they seem to have it all together are called “Driven”. You know the guys. But the ones with true inner peace and calm are called “Focused”. They hustle, but they have meaning, purpose. We covered that in the last lesson.

  • The Dad Hustle

    Building Your List [DadHustle Thursday class]

    This is a lesson taken from our Dad Hustle online program and brought to you here on the Dad Formula Podcast each Thursday. We covered the different funnel types in an earlier lesson, and now I'll focus on traffic coming in to your squeeze page and some examples of how to warm the prospect after they opt-in. The best way to get traffic in to your squeeze page right now is through...

  • The Dad Hustle

    Creating Content for Cash [DadHustle Thursday class]

    You need to have content that fulfills a strong enough need so that people are interested in subscribing to your membership in the first place. You can't promise content that you can't ultimately deliver, so you have to have the content polished and ready to go before you even start pitching or promoting the membership.

  • The Dad Formula

    The Comfort Zone Thunderstorm

    There's this story of Will Smith, where he goes skydiving. He gets up there and he's just scared to death. And he tells this story abut what happened when he was up there. So the guy that's jumping with him tells him that they're jumping on three. "Ready? One... and the guy jumps out with him. He made him go on two, not three.Well, it's like that with everything - before you go on stage, before an important meeting, before you make a big life decision, before you become a Dad. There's really never a good time, you just have to break from the comfort zone and do it!


Internet Marketing Guru Tom Latham mixes his adventure of raising 10 kids with his experience of promoting some of the top names in sports, fitness and entertainment.

Made specifically for stay-at-home Dads, work-from-home Dads, and working Dads, this podcast for dads is a deep dive into the ways that guys can build a successful online business, uncover more free time, make more than they ever could at a day job, and still be a rock star Dad.

THE DAD HUSTLE episodes on Thursdays are mini lessons from the Dad Formula online course that teach Dads just like you how to launch a home-based startup. Our goal is to equip you with a proven plan. A plan that makes doing business fun again. A plan that gives you more freedom. It’s how one member built 3 businesses in his spare time.

THE DAD FORMULA episodes are mindset hacks for high performance Dads. They teach Dads how to make simple adjustments for a richer work/life balance. These are the systems Tom used with his 10 kids so you can 10X the success with yours… AND build a successful online business at the same time.

Think of it as a business startup guide meets a life-changing mindset program for guys.

We’re changing the way Dads live and earn.

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Tom Latham is an author, speaker and consultant. As a guest on podcasts and shows, Tom speaks on his experiences balancing life with 10 kids and running multiple businesses. He can give quick and witty insight into the success formulas he used with his 10, so other Dads can “10x it” with theirs. Tom nails down the principles needed to be a “rockstar Dad”.
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SPEAKING TOPICS – The Dad Formula:

  • Kick your Work Life Balance into Gear
  • How to get things done, eliminate chaos, and have a clear path to goals.
  • Balance for Stay at Home Dads – the worlds best job
  • How to take more time off work and look good doing it
  • The key to be effective in life, to be happy, to be unstressed
  • How to not be Mom
  • Three ways to “Unearth” more Time
  • The best way to turn bad busyness into good hustle
  • How to manage short-term Busy Surges
  • How to “Hustle with Meaning”
  • The steps to become a Focused, not Driven Dad
  • 10x Conversion Formulas: The systems we use to achieve work/life balance with 10 kids
  • Work boundaries strategies for Dads
  • How to compete with childless co-workers
  • Why Dads earn less, and how to change it
  • Work from Home Balance Strategies for Dads
  • How to temporarily slip out of balance to gain more
  • Balance all Life Roles at once
  • Balancing different parenting styles
  • When to put one child before the family
  • Identifying immediate frustrations vs larger life frustrations
  • Use the “Coming Home Ritual” to your advantage
  • A Sense of Urgency – speed when you need it


  • Build your “Side Hustle” as a Stay at Home Dad
  • Structure your online Side Hustle for massive growth
  • Create interesting content, even if you can’t write
  • The Funnel Marketing Blueprint
  • Building a spinoff Podcast, and writing an e-Book

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Tom is a Dad of 10, and an uncle of 53. He’s a creative and startup consultant to authors, speakers, coaches, and some of the biggest names in the personal development, health and fitness industries. Tom has had his work featured on ESPN, The Today Show, Top Chef, The Wall Street Journal, The Sharper Image, and more.


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