Success Programs aren’t
made for Parents.

Private jets and 4-hour work weeks…
Are these people living in a freaking bubble?

The internet is filled with programs that promise success in life, ultimate wealth, and killer relationships. These podcasts, books, programs, and systems promote time management strategies that are completely impractical to a parent. Moms and Dads do want the “ultimate life”, but they want it for their kids too. They want success as a family, not just selfishly for themself.

These influencers and content creators are living in a dream world. Where’s the time management strategy for hands covered in diarrhea?

I teach parents (like you) how to live your ultimate life, how to be the most effective you – so that you can be the best Mom or Dad possible. They’re solid concepts that work – but adjusted for parents, so you can plug this knowledge into a family life of any size.

The Dad Formula changes the way dads live and earn.

The Dad Formula work from home jobs make money stay home online funnel builder

I’m Tommy – Dad of 10, Uncle of 53, and a clumsy husband.

We started our marriage by moving to Idaho with just $200 and no job. I taught myself and worked my way up to be one of the top creative and startup consultants to hundreds of bestselling authors, speakers, coaches, and the biggest names in the personal development and fitness industries as the “guy behind the gurus”. I also startup and sell businesses, operate rental properties, coach high school sports, volunteer as a wilderness first responder, and run ultra marathons.

And I do it all with 10 kids. (shout out to the amazing wife too)

I show you how to build a successful business from home, uncover more free time, make more than you ever could at a day job, and still be a rockstar Dad…   with any number of kids.

Why does the Dad Formula work so well for any parent?
Here’s the secret:

There’s a lot of systems out there that teach you how to start a business from home…  or how to build an online business.

And you think, “Okay, that’s great. I need more money. I need a passion – something I can get excited about.”

Then reality hits.Yeah, right.”

  • How do you do that when you’re working a full time job?

  • How do you do that when you have kids?

  • How do you do that when you’re a stay at home dad?

  • How do you do that with a poopy diaper in your hands?

These courses assume you’re some freakin’ magician, living in a dream world bubble with no responsibility and all the time in the world. You’re not living the high life, trashing hotel rooms like a rockstar. Instead, your kids are trashing the Motel 6 on your one-week-a-year paid vacation… if you’re lucky to even get that. These courses and systems and memberships and ebooks and whatever else DON’T show you how to build a business when you have real life schedules and problems with your job, your family and your life. And you sure have those things.

The secret: I put you on a “dual success track” so you can master work/life balance at the same time that you build your successful online business.

  1. The Dad Formula teaches you how to find free time you never knew you had so you can spend it with family, and it gives you the plan to achieve a near-perfect work/life balance.
  2. The Dad Hustle shows you exactly how to launch a home-based online business, giving you a complete blueprint plan every step of the way.

It’s the missing link – the big gaping hole. I can confidently claim that no one has ever made a course like this.

Think of it as a business startup guide meets a life-changing mindset shift program… for Dads.

And I run these two tracks at the same time, so you’re not waiting around to get in to the juicy HOW TO details that let you start earning real money. They happen at the same time: Mindset and money. You’re diving right in to the launch of your online business, and at the same time, you’re experiencing a life-changing system so that you’re prioritizing everything correctly and living life to the fullest as the most amazing Dad in the world.

  • Do you know why most self help systems fail?
  • Do you know why most home-based business startups fail?

One word – Implementation. There’s no follow-through on the implementation – the part where you actually get stuff done.

Because you can have the best plan in the world, but if your work/life is out of balance, or you’re overworked, tired, or you just can’t find enough time in your schedule, that plan will never, EVER work.

Too many courses make you wade through weeks or months of foundational “mindset” work before they give you the real “how to” blueprint that gets you off the ground.

I do it differently here.

While you’re changing your mindset and boosting your daily work/life balance to new levels, you’re also building an entirely new way to earn income in your part time. FROM DAY 1. You’re implementing and you’re doing and you’re making progress immediately. My goal is to equip you with a proven plan. A plan that makes doing business fun again. A plan that earns you money AND gives you more freedom. The freedom to work where you want, and be with your family when you want.

And as a dad of 10 kids running multiple businesses, I’m going to tell you that you DO have time. Case in point: I built this program over the course of one winter, just in the time between when the kids went to bed and I went to bed. Bam. Done. You have a business.

And I want you to do the same. Got it?

I’m ready to show you the systems I use with my 10 kids – so you can 10x the success with yours… and build a successful online business at the same time.

“…changed my life in 6 months. with just 1 hour per day.”

One executive in our program was working 60-70 hours per week and making roughly $55,000 per year. After he began simplifying and balancing his life, over a period of 5 years, his income went up to over $300,000 per year, while his work week dropped to 38 hours. And you can do the same.


Still not convinced? Read on, my friend…

The Dad Formula work life balance secrets for men

Here’s what you’ll learn in The Dad Formula:

Module #1: Build

Build the Inner Foundation

  • The DAD4 – the daily and weekly structure I use to get things done, eliminate chaos, and have a clear path to my goals.
  • Free up an extra hour every day, you never knew you had
  • Stay at Home Dad Strategies
  • How to take more time off work and look good doing it
  • The fix to being worn out physically, but wanting more emotionally or mentally
  • Learn the two things every change needs
  • The “Comfort Zone Thunderstorm”
  • How to build your Inner World to make your Outer World a success
  • Kick your Work Life Balance into Gear
  • The key to be effective in life, to be happy, to be unstressed
  • Three ways to “Unearth” more Time
  • The signs of disorganization
  • Finally make Habits stick for good and build them into your lifestyle
  • The one single thing the most successful people do
  • Squash the “Tyranny of the Urgent”
  • Prioritize like a rockstar Dad
  • The best way to say NO
  • The Unmanaged Time Suck
  • How to rise to the level of your goals so you don’t fall to the level of your systems
  • Make Meaning, not just Make Money
  • Kick the Bucket List
  • The 4 Frameworks of every Habit
  • The best way to turn bad busyness into good hustle
  • How to manage short-term Busy Surges
  • How to “Hustle with Meaning”
  • The steps to become Focused, not Driven
  • Realize your “non-productive” moments

Module #2: Balance

Maintain a Work Life Balance

  • The “Dad Hack”
  • 10x Conversion Formulas: The systems we use to achieve work/life balance with 10 kids
  • Create 85% of your life success at home
  • The almost-perfect Work/Life Balance
  • The Big Balance Worksheet
  • Work boundaries strategies for Dads
  • How to compete with childless co-workers
  • Why Dads earn less, and how to change it
  • Remove (most) of the chaos
  • The danger of imbalance
  • The “Triple Stasis Trick”
  • Work from Home Balance Strategies for Dads
  • How to temporarily slip out of balance to gain more
  • Balance all Life Roles at once
  • Why people FAIL at prioritizing
  • Balancing different parenting styles
  • When to put one child before the family
  • Identifying immediate frustrations vs larger life frustrations
  • How to not be Mom
  • Work Smarter Not Harder
  • Balance for Stay at Home Dads – the worlds best job
  • Use the “Coming Home Ritual” to your advantage
  • The Balance Sabotage
  • Time Management at Home for Dads
  • Real multitasking with family that works!
  • Reduce the fragmentation in your life
  • A Sense of Urgency – speed when you need it
  • More systems, lower expectations
  • Control the Chaos
  • BONUS: Big Family Tips

The ultimate work-life balance and parenting success program



The Dad Formula includes The Dad Hustle Course – FREE!

How to build an online business from home, uncover more free time, make more than you ever could at a day job, and still be a rock star Dad.

Really still not convinced? Read on, my skeptic friend…

The Dad Hustle work from home jobs make money stay home online funnel builder


Here’s what you’ll learn in The Dad Hustle:

Module #1: Dig

Dig for Answers

  • The Entrepreneur Mindset
  • How to find out exactly what you’re an Expert at
  • Why Membership Sites Succeed – the factors

Module #2: Discover

Discover the Model

  • The three types of online businesses that make the most money
  • Finding your Niche
  • The Success Track
  • Why Members Quit

Module #3: Develop

Develop the Online Business

  • Content Models, and The three Payment Models
  • How to Create interesting content, even if you can’t write
  • Build your Marketing Calendar
  • How to record Video the right way – full tutorial
  • Funnel Marketing Blueprint
  • Easy Promotions that Work
  • Build your Audience, Grow your List
  • Squeeze Page Psychology
  • Writing Emails that Sell
  • Launch strategies, using Facebook Live, Webinars, Videos, or easy Audio
  • How to do The $1 Trial, Upsells, Downsells, and Cross Sells
  • How to use Pricing Models to earn more
  • The Perfect Sales Page technique
  • Bonuses, Guarantees, and Offers
  • How to keep your members happy
  • How to structure your entire online side business for massive growth
  • Key Metrics, Processes and Growth Strategy
  • Using Paid online Ads
  • Building a spinoff Podcast, and writing an e-Book

The Dad Formula + The Dad Hustle Course

Value Combination Pack

Over 11 hours of Audio Lessons from a Dad of 10 and top Internet Marketing Expert. Build an online work-from-home business on the side while being a Dad. The complete blueprint, from start to finish. The plan that has launched more successful businesses for Dads than any other course.