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Did you notice the little “D4” in the Dad Formula logo at the top of each web page? It’s there for a reason.

It’s the DAD4, and the “4” stands for something. Four things actually.

I’ll tell you a quick story. I’ve hit some rock bottom parts in my business. Days where I couldn’t even stand to pull into the parking lot at work. I pulled in, then pulled out and drove away so many days, because I couldn’t face my employees with their problems and issues and questions. Because the truth was, my personal life was no better, and I was battling my own demons.

One day, years ago, I was talking to my older brother and really unloading on him, and he said, “Listen, let’s schedule a time where we have an hour, and I’ll give you a really good plan. It’s changed my life.” I was really desperate, so I said, “Yeah, okay.” You know, it’s sort of hard to take advice from your bro, but I needed it. Bad.

So it turns out that my brother had taken some basic principles that he had learned, and he developed these out more deeply.

Next, I tried it, and it worked incredibly well. And over a few years, I perfected it into a system that would work insanely well for busy Dads. I added things that I saw that really needed to be added, and at the same time I streamlined the process so it would be incredibly easy to learn, implement and stick with.

So when I perfected it, I named it. That’s where DAD4 came in. So you need to understand that what you’ll learn has been passed through – and massaged by – some really smart people.

So let’s review: On the page where you signed up for this course, I told you that DAD4 is the daily structure I use to get things done, eliminate chaos, and have a clear path to my goals.

That’s right.

DAD4 is the exact tool I used to go from that bottom of the barrel time of my life, to building a business with national exposure, win awards, open a restaurant and free up time to go skiing one weekday per week… all in ONE year.

DAD4 is the tool that took me from pissed off and frustrated to smiling non-stop.

Because chaos is the enemy of good health, a profitable business, deep and connected relationships, and a clear mind. Chaos produces shitty results.

Right, guys?



DAD4 is literally the source and foundation of everything for me.

Every single day, every action you and I take, every experience you and I have, falls into one of 4 categories. Everything we do and experience involves our body, our relationships, our mind, and by extension our business. It is all directly connected to DAD4.


There is nothing that happens in my day that does not fit into DAD4. There is nothing I could create that fits outside of DAD4.

SO, WHAT THE HECK IS DAD4? Okay. I gave you a hint just a second ago.

DAD4 is simply this:


+ Family

+ Fitness

+ Finances

And that

= Fulfillment

Sounds basic, but it’s how you put it all together that makes it magic. I’ll show you how to do this in detail in the next lessons. But first, let’s understand what’s going on.

When we talk about DAD4, we are talking about each of these areas in their entirety. Everything that happens each day comes from – or is related to – one (or all) of these things.

• Your MIND


• Your BODY


Let’s drill down.

In the DAD4, Faith is your MIND, Family is your RELATIONSHIPS, Fitness is your BODY, and Finances is your BUSINESS.

Faith is your MIND

This means improving your mental awareness, your presence and your spirituality. Loving God stronger. Having more faith in yourself. Training yourself to constantly fill your mind with positive thoughts and valuable and useful knowledge.

Family is your RELATIONSHIPS

The Relationship with your kids, your wife, your friends, the people that you may not even like, but you need to keep a relationship with.

Fitness is your BODY

Your health, your activities, how you stay in shape and how you take care of yourself.

Finances is your BUSINESS.

This could also be your day job if you have one, but in this case, we’re going to focus “Finances” on your business – the new business you’re going to start. Okay, wait… WHAT? I’m starting a new business? Yes you are. This is critical. If you’re a stay at home Dad, a work from home Dad, or a working Dad, and you’re having trouble making ends meet, you have low self esteem, and you’re burned out, the solution is to build what we call a Side Hustle, and I’ll walk you through every single step.

Right now, I’m giving you the complete blueprint for this side hustle free – I call it The Dad Hustle. It’s included absolutely free with the Dad Formula online course, and it’s the most comprehensive, yet simple and streamlined online business building course that exists. Combine that with the Dad Formula to kick your work/life balance into play, and you just opened the most amazing chapter of your life.

Click here to get it:

Okay, so finances and the Side Hustle.  By the way, if you’ve already got an online business up and running, then all the better – you’ll be able to jump right in on the Dad Hustle course and start applying amazing new ideas instantly.

But back to the DAD4, which is why we’re here. And we’re on Finances.

Finances is also more than just your business – It’s your income in general, how you manage your money, and finally your goals of financial security and success.


So when you add up the DAD4, you get a result:

And that’s Fulfillment.

Fulfillment as a Dad. Because you’ll not only feel good about yourself and also make more money, but you’ll have the time to experience real freedom. Freedom to go out and have fun, share great experiences, and of course, give back some of this recaptured time to others around you by helping them.

Just a fun side note here – Some people ask me why the DAD4, or D4, has words that start with “F”. Why not “D” words, they say? Well, it’s funny, when I started re-building this system for myself all those years ago, I wasn’t even planning on having them start with the same letter. I had these four things I did that my brother had given me, and when I put them to paper, the four words that came out were Faith, Family, Fitness and Finances. It just happened. So I considered calling them the “Father4”, but that’s just awkward. I like DAD4 and the Dad Formula, because “Dad” as a word, is just more casual and laid back – and that’s what we are here.

Okay, little tangent there. Back to DAD4.

So everything that happens, every day, falls into one of these four areas.


+ Family

+ Fitness

+ Finances

Everything you want to create or do fits within one of these four areas. Every goal you will ever set… inside DAD4.

Every dream you ever have, fits inside DAD4.

Everything from the kid’s soccer game to loving your wife applies to DAD4.

Every aspect of your life IS DAD4.

And that, my friend, equals Fulfillment.

So here’s what I want you to do. Fill in the notes section here on this page, and leave a comment below on your thoughts.

Then let’s get into the first REAL lesson! You ready?

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