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The DAD4 Masterclass work life balance for dads fatherhood coach Thomas Latham

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Here we are on the Weekly DAD4.

I’ll get right to it and here’s what you do:

Where the Daily DAD4 was about doing things that are unplanned, the Weekly DAD4 is all about cranking off things on your to do list.

Each week, write down two things that you want to accomplish in each of the four areas:





These should be things that you actually want to accomplish for the week. These do not include any of the typical To Do’s that you have for the week, like shopping, paying bills, picking up kids, fixing a clogged drain, etc.

These are ONLY things that move you towards your Quarterly Goals. Got it? Only those things. So the Quarterly Goals dictate what you’re doing Weekly, and the Weekly DAD4 tasks will change each quarter based on your Goals.

What we’re doing here is breaking down each Goal into roughly 25 steps (because there’s 4.2 weeks per month x 3 months x 2 tasks per goal). And when you break it down, you get it done.

Okay, now how do you track these tasks, these “to do’s”?

The Daily DAD4 are never written down – you just come up with them in your head. But these do need to be written down. I have a worksheet for this if you want, but I was taught differently.

Ready? It’s sticky notes. Like Post-It notes, to use a brand name. It’s the way the Warrior Group for men do it, and how other action-oriented accountability groups do it. Because it works. Because when you’re done, you crumple. It’s an action.

So for each week, you’ll have 8 sticky notes, each one with your “to do” for that week. If you want to be thrifty, you can write two per note, but I suggest going hog wild and using the full 8… only because it’s SO satisfying to crumple that note when you’re done. And that’s why it works. Instead of a long list of “to do’s” where you cross things off, and more get added and it feels like it’s never ending, you simply have a note for each task, and you crumple it up when done – vanished. Poof.

Stick them on your desk, on the wall, wherever. It doesn’t matter. I have one of those desks where the slab of wood slides out like a drawer, except it’s not a drawer. It’s like a chopping board. I guess it’s for giving you extra space or something. Anyway, when I started doing this system years ago, I stuck them there, then pushed the slab of wood in. Oops. Didn’t work so well. Yeah, I forgot about them. So now I have them where they’re staring me in the face, AND, I change the location every so often. You know when you hang a picture and notice it all the time? Then you don’t notice it. Then you take it down and you notice the bare space. We’re funny creatures that way.

When to do the “To Do’s”

It was always suggested to me that you do them first thing in the morning, or at least in the early part of the day. This way, you’re showing yourself that these are an absolute priority.

It’s a good idea, but I felt like I was putting off the critical work I need to do for my clients and my members. Plus, I LIKE doing these tasks, since reaching my goals is exciting. And my Dad always taught me to get my boring but essential work done first, then move to your fun, passionate work. So since I’ll always get to these tasks, it’s really a non-issue. I do them when it works best for me. BUT – if you find that you’re procrastinating and never hitting these tasks, then yes – move them to the morning.

Likewise, I would suggest doing them as early in the WEEK as possible. Again, if you have a lot of time on weekends to hit these things, then fine. But for me, weekends slip away quickly with family, fun and other commitments, so I always try to hit the Weekly DAD4 by end of day Tuesday, or Wednesday at the latest.

So there you go. You should now know what to write based on your four Quarterly Goals. Just grab yourself some stickies and go to town!

That’s it for this DAD4 Masterclass, but I have so many dads who started here – right here with this DAD4 masterclass, then they went on and built a crazy successful online business, they kicked their work/life balance into high gear, and they started spending more valuable time with their family. Because what you just learned here is a tiny fraction of what is out there waiting for you.

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