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“I never saw a single local artist who was as good—and was as much of ‘the real deal’—as Randy Coleman”

By January 3, 2020No Comments

Seasoned artist, Randy Coleman, is back with his brand new, beautifully crafted EP, “Ragged Heart.”   The songs in sequence tell a story of heartbreak and redemption.   It is an introspective peek into Randy’s personal journal during a painful yet transformative time in his life.   As Randy puts it, “This record documents a time when I was spiritually bankrupt and brought to my knees….It was my broken hallelujah!”

At the age of 9, Randy’s artistic inspiration began to take hold when he was divinely assaulted by the boundary shattering vocals of Freddie Mercury.  Noting other influences, Randy sunk his teeth into the music of Led Zeppelin, The Beach Boys, Ray Charles, Otis Redding and the Beatles.  With his interest in such diverse artists driving him forward, he happened upon the poetic lyrics and the hi-lonesome sound of Hank Williams. “Hank is one of the few artists I can listen to anytime, no matter what mood I’m in.  His voice and lyrics are so pure; I can hear the heartbreak, the struggle and the restless resolve in every word he sang.”  These influences make themselves present in Randy’s sound and presence.  They have served as a channel for his transformation.  “Looking back, they really helped me get through a tough and confusing time in my life.”

Randy studied acting at the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and earned an MFA from the California Institute of the Arts.  In 2017, he starred in his first feature film “This Day Forward”, a heartwarming film detailing the true story of a wife and mother of three struggling to keep her family and her faith intact after her husband is diagnosed with an debilitating brain tumor.

According to Randy, a lot happened since the release of his record.  “I had lost myself and had to take a hard look at who I had become, to forgive myself and find that spark in me that was hopefully still lit.”   We hear this sentiment echoing in one of his songs recently heard on the TV show Deadliest Catch; “The Pact.”  “Know your name, know it well…and give them something to believe in.”  In his latest release “Ragged Heart,” and with a newfound direction in his personal life, it is evident that Randy is inviting his audience to not only bear witness to his testimony, but to also celebrate in his declaration to reclaim his freedom.

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