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In this section, we’re going to learn about the content that you are offering to your members. Quality content is important to get members and to retain members.

You need to have content that fulfills a strong enough need so that people are interested in subscribing to your membership in the first place. You can’t promise content that you can’t ultimately deliver, so you have to have the content polished and ready to go before you even start pitching or promoting the membership.

You also need to deliver quality content and you need to deliver it in certain ways to your members, and I’ll teach you the two types of content that you absolutely need to offer.

You might be wondering – why is it so important to have great content if they already purchased? Well, you might be doing a continuity model, where you charge monthly for new content. Your members will drop off fast if you don’t keep the content fresh, relevant and engaging. And even for one-time purchase models, like a course, you still want to keep your members happy because they’re not only your best potential customers for new products you develop later, but they’re your word of mouth ambassadors!

I’ll cover the types of content you need to have and the various content models.

Let’s dig in!

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